I am the worst. Last week, after sitting myself down and doing all of my posts for one week in one sitting, I walked around so proud of myself for having been so on top of things. I vowed I would never go back to a world where I was staying up late and finishing posts the night before they were supposed to be published. Especially since I knew I was going to Vegas. Well, here I am… IN VEGAS, typing furiously, to be able to publish a post. Again, I am the worst. All last week, I loved the feeling and freedom of having my blog work done in advance. LOVED IT. So, why did I AGAIN fall into the same patterns of procrastination?

At the beginning of the month, when I was blocking out my posting agenda, I knew I wanted to do a post about an article I had read regarding procrastination. I even preemptively scheduled the post on the calendar (with no content) to act as a place holder. What is funny about this is that my post on procrastination has been something I have procrastinated about. So much so, that (as I was sitting at a bar in the Mandalay Bay Casino) this post published (with just the title) before I got a chance to type anything. So, two “lucky” readers (thanks Google Analytics) saw our blog with a post title and no copy. Again, the irony being that this post was about procrastination.

The article I mentioned is from a website called Wait But Why. It has some pretty interesting insight (and lots of hand-drawn pictures!) about the logic and emotional turmoil procrastination causes. So, if you (like me) are a procrastinator, this might be worth your time. If nothing else, it puts words (and lots of hand-drawn pictures!) to some emotions that I had never been about to verbalize before. Check it out!

Part One: Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

Here is the second part of the interview… which (ironically, again) I put in my favorites bar to be read later. Which, I did… but I still think it is funny that it took me a few days of procrastinating to finish the article about procrastination.

Part Two: How to Beat Procrastination

And, if none of this interests you, how about a picture of Liberace’s bedazzled car?!


What about you? Are you a procrastinator? If you aren’t, what are your tips? Do you spend too much time in the Dark Playground? Were you one of the two people who caught our blog with a title and no post? As always, let us know!


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