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You didn’t think I would stop doing Fun Foto Fridays even though I’m now a Monday poster, did you? Surely, not. And don’t call me, Shirley. Sorry for the lateness of this post, but I fly back out to Georgia tomorrow and between packing for that and all the craziness that tis the season, late Monday was the best I could do! The photo files are starting to get full on my phone, which means that (until a snappier “M” based title can be figured–leave your suggestions in the comments) it is time for another addition of:

funfotofridayedAs mentioned here, here, and here, I spent a large part of my fall season at Emory University Hospital. And, as such, there is a large chunk of my photos (this edition) that reflect that.

Por ejemplo: emory eatThis is page to which you are directed after gaining access to Emory’s wireless system. What a happy, lovely family… except for the grandma that is licking that baby’s head. D’oh!

Auntie-EmOr, how about these anti-embolism socks? Surely the makers must have some passing knowledge of The Wizard of Oz… Auntie Em, indeed. Sorry for the low light, t’was taken in the middle of the night.



In the family visiting room on the 6th floor of Emory Hospital, they have board games and magazines. When I was so tired, this gave me the giggles as my family’s life HAD actually been turned upside down.


Haunted MansionED

Quiz– This is:

a) A portrait hanging in Emory Hospital’s main lobby of one of it’s founders, or

b) One of the portraits in Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, or

c) A scrapped portrait from Ghostbusters II.

Obviously, the answer is, “a,” but seriously, you can practically see the tombstone on which he is going to be standing when the room starts to grow.



As mentioned earlier, one of the tips of staying long-term in the hospital is to find your closest grocery store and stock up on snacks. In this modern age, grocery stores are starting to reflect the diverse ethnic mix of it’s customers. I’ve seen Italian, Mexican, and Asian sections before… but never a British section. I’m sure there are some delightful biscuits and jammy dodgers, but I thought this was funny since, as a culture, the British are internationally reviled for their foods.


bigjohncollageThe ER at St. Mary’s in Athens has recently been renovated with each room having it’s own toilet. You may not be able to tell form the picture, but you are looking at an abnormally large toilet. It is aptly named, “Big John.” Needless to say, Jimmy Dean’s “Big Johhhhhhhhn… Big Bad John. Bad John…” was sung many times. Talk about literal “toilet humor.” *groan*

bitemeEdSpeaking of the abuse of the word, “literal,” this tee shirt (found at Fred’s in Lavonia) brings up all kind of questions for me. Like, are you talking about the cherries? Are you a tasty human morsel from the cast of “The Walking Dead?”

But, back to the Emory University campus. On campus, they have a great museum (the Micheal C. Carlos) which was a great distraction one day from 24/7 hospitals. They have a wonderful South American art collection and these pottery figures just tickled me. May be NSFW, I guess?


When I was little, I used to LOVE to read the Sunday comics. With newspapers becoming almost obsolete, reading the Sunday funnies is a rarity. I’ve never heard of Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!, but (as this was during the November election cycle) I thought this was dead. on. Though it made me really miss Phil Hartman… FIRE BAD! Also, after reading several at his website, Imma totally start reading Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!





If I wanted to set a trap to catch adorable grandmothers, like mine, I would use this cartoon as bait. Making fun of technology? Remembering the “good old” days? Family Circus? I mean, hook… line… sinker: grandma bait.



On my way back to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving, I had a layover in Denver. It was pretty great, because it was snowy and cold… and I was going to Los Angeles… where it wasn’t. While waiting for my connecting flight, I noticed a sweet little bird that had somehow gotten caught inside the airport. I choose not to think of him being sad, but instead think of the balling lyfe he’s living in the airport. Right after I took this picture, this fellow absconded with half a hotdog bun that an errant toddler had dropped.



I left a pot to soak after making a creamy sauce, and came back after 20 minutes to find that the water surface looked like a beautiful planet. After watching the re-mastered version of the original series of Star Trek, this caught my eye.



Los Angeles is in the middle of record drought… and it is not really a place known for its rainy clime. And, back in the day, I always heard “…it never rains in Southern… California… but when it pours… MAN, it pours…” on Fox 97.1. We’ve been here for a year and a half now and I can count how often it has rained on one hand. This place really isn’t set up for rain, so when it does, the drivers are terrible, the streets get flooded, and since the ground is so dry, mudslides are a real. deal. I’ve been in some areas with flash flood warnings and was never really able to imagine a situation where that could happen… until I saw the first big rain here last February. We had an almost unheard of 2 days of heavy rain two weeks ago. Crossing over Vineland, into Studio City, there is a bridge covering the Los Angeles river. And, by river, I mean a concrete canyon with a thin trickle of water running through it. In is so puny, in fact, that it is a running joke between me and Josh. Every time we drive over it, we always joke, “Behold… the mighty Los Angeles river. Turgid. Foaming.” Well, after the second day of rain, we drove over it after getting ramen (because hot soup on a rainy day, duh) and… whoa.


A local friend told me that when it rains and the river floods, that they end up always fishing out bodies from kayakers, teenagers, and homeless people. And I totally believe it.

I guess that last one wasn’t really Mfun, but I still thought readers might find interesting! Alright, wish me luck on my travels! Love and Roses!


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