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Faithful Reader, I apologize for going MIA this week. I have taken a step back from myself this week to reassess where I am and where I am going and how I am going to get there. If that sounds vague, I don’t mean it to be.

At the end of the day, as far as this blog goes- neither Leigh nor myself are going anywhere… We are just amending the rules. 🙂 For the time being, going forward- we are each gonna post once a week. We are gonna each pick a day and that will be our day until further notice.

In addition to that- we are for reals gonna start going back and cleaning up old posts and bring them to the forefront because there really are some gems. And there are some recipes that we have tweeked and projects that deserve an update. So, look for those on Thursdays as our special salute to #Throwbacks.

This latest schedule change was totally brought on by me but Leigh, whose depth of understanding and empathy is incredibly graceful, was instantly on board. I am so grateful her.

Next week, we will once again turn a new corner.

All the Best, Coralie


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