Happy Birthday, Girl!

A Birthday Picture from the Archives

Everyone has that month. That month that is auspiciously packed with more birthdays/celebrations than others. For me? It’s July. For Coralie, it’s October. As Coralie mentioned on Sunday, Baby Bubs recently celebrated HIS birthday and TODAY, yes, TODAY is Coralie’s birthday (and her awesome mama’s birthday is fast approaching)! So, everybody shower Coralie with birthday love. Me? I went back into my archives and found a picture that was at least 15-years-old.

No matter how fast the world spins, I’m so thankful to have you in it. Your gusto for life constantly inspires me. If we could go back in time and tell these two girls where they would be in 2015… do you think they’d ever believe us? Happy birthday to one of the best friends, wife, daughter, and mother  I know. xoxo- Leigh


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