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Leigh and I have mentioned before, our love of music was one of the first components that glued us together. Our younger siblings also have a profound fondness for music although they don’t always listen to what we listen to. We have asked each of them to do us a playlist to kick the weekend playlist feature off with an ear to what the younger crowd is listening to. (Cara, don’t think you’re not on our radar too.) So, our first weekend DJ is my baby sister, Sawyer. I hope you enjoy her spins! All the Best, Coralie


These are some of my new(ish) favorite songs. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I know my grammar sucks. Don’t hate. -Sawyer

  1. Keep On Swinging/ Rival Sons – Sometimes it feels like the whole world is coming at me. And I may keep my head down, but I’ll never stop fighting.
  2. Don’t Owe You A Thang/ Gary Clark Jr. – Gary couldn’t have said it better. I don’t have much to offer. You can take it or leave it.
  3. Put the Gun Down/ ZZ Ward – 10 bucks says this song turns you into a bobble head.
  4. Freedom At 21/ Jack White – 21st century woman. That’s me. Watch out.
  5. Hawk Eyes/ The Kicks – Girl Power! I like to sing this one into my hair brush and jump around with my sweet air guitar.
  6. Heartbroken, In Disrepair/ Dan Auerbach – That feeling you get when you fall in love for the first time and it ends. And it really sucks, but you’re trying to play it cool…
  7. Bounce/ Calvin Harris ft. Kelis – …And then you realize maybe you weren’t in love, and that you’re having so much more fun without them in your life. (This song applies to anyone in your life you need to get rid of, not just exes.)
  8. All Things Go/ Chiddy Bang – This song is about believing in your dream when no one else does. And then proving them wrong. Plus I just really liked the beat.
  9. Difficult/ Uffie – “Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks.” Put your money where your mouth is, right? Check. This song pretty much describes me.
  10. Don’t Upset the Rhythm/ The Noisettes – Everybody, calm down. I’m just trying to dance here.
  11. Ready or Not/ Bridgit Mendler – I used to hold back. Not anymore! Plus I had to add a super girly song in here somewhere. “I like your face. Do you like my song?”
  12. Tonight Is The Night/ Outasight – Loosen up. It’s never too late. Tonight would be a good start 😀
  13. This Head I Hold/ Electric Guest – Story of my life. Don’t over-think it. Just have a good time.
  14. Sun of a Gun/ Oh Land – I thought this song was about a boy. But now I think it’s about anything in your life that’s addictive or destructive. Saying goodbye isn’t always a bad thing.
  15. We Come Running/ Youngblood Hawke – Makin’ big moves. You ready?
  16. Only the Horses/ Scissor Sisters – I really just like this music. It gets me happy. And it reminds me of horses, duh. So that’s pretty cool.
  17. Lasso/ Phoenix – Speaking of horses, you’re going to need a lasso. And a plan.
  18. White Lie/ Jhameel – This song is the reason why I’m single. I can love. I just don’t want to love anyone right now, except myself of course 😛
  19. Call It What You Want/ Foster the People – I love this song! And the freedom from labels and judgments. Sometimes there is no particular reason why we do strange things. Maybe it just makes us happy 🙂
  20. Penelope/ Pinback – Sometimes I feel like a floating fish. But then I remember to let the air out. *Sigh*
  21. Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk/ The New Pornogrophers – “Where things that don’t match meet.” I hope to find that freak of nature called true love. The kind that lasts.
  22. Walking on a Dream/ Empire of the Sun – Another love song, but I want to dedicate this to my platonic soul mate, Josie. You make me a better person, and I love you.
  23. New York City/ Among Savages – “Sometimes the road that you were walking on is going the wrong way.” This song absolutely blew me away. Growing up in a small town can make you feel caged in. I always wanted to get out into the world, move to the big city, and become something awesome. But this song made me realize that life isn’t automatically awesome when you move to the city. It’s awesome when you make it that way. “You spent your whole life earning the keys to set you free, when you were free all along.”


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  1. I have only heard of one of those songs which means I need to try some new things lol! Thanks!

    • Laura, Sawyer has got good taste in music. This playlist is a couple years old- she is tearing up the new Beck album and I have to say- it’s good. But, I love Beck. -CA

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