Basil-Roasted New Potatoes Rebirth

I usually wake in the morning with a mission to get food in my belly! Well, actually, I get up with a need to get Spark in my system which is quickly followed with a need to get food in my belly. We eat eggs like no body’s business! Scrambled, over-easy, frittatas, omelettes, egg-in-the-hole, hard-boiled, deviled- we eat eggs! It’s just what we do.

And around here, left-overs get one shot, maybe two and then they are kinda pushed to the back of the fridge. So, I have learned that if there are bunches of left overs, in order for them not to go to waste, there only needs to be about 2-3 servings left over or they need to be reinvented into something else. For instance, left over meats become sandwich meats.

Due to us joining a CSA we get a box of fresh veggies every Thursday. Two weeks in a row we got a big back of potatoes. So, they have been on our menus of late. We had basil roasted potatoes one night and there was lots left over. Soooooo- guess where they reappeared the next day?!? Yep, at breakfast.

Potatoes Take Two


I basically made a breakfast dish my step mother has made all my life but used the left over basil roasted potatoes from the night before rather than slicing uncooked ones to use. I tossed the potatoes in the cast iron skillet and let them brown up and get warm, next I cracked a couple eggs over them. I stirred it all together and this resulted in scrambled potato eggs. At this point, I topped mine with salsa (surprise!) and Bub topped his with cheese (again, surprise!).

I hope this insprires you to reinvent your left overs for breakfast. Enjoy!

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