Cheesy Pesto Sweet Potato Surprise!

Cheesy Pesto Sweet Potatoes


  • sweet potatoes baked/microwaved
  • 1/2 tbsp pesto per potato
  • sprinkle cheese


  • Mash the baked sweet potatoes.
  • Add pesto. Sprinkle with cheese.
  • Throw in microwave for 30 seconds to melt cheese.

I wish I could tell you, Faithful Reader, that my kitchen is just fully stocked with not only all the essentials but backups of all the essentials- but, it is not. Now, my kitchen is a long, long way from what it was in my single days and even in the days when Bub and I were dating but it is nowhere near overflowing with every ingredient to every recipe (unlike my mother’s kitchen- that woman can pull a rabbit out of a hat like nobody’s business! [my stepmother too!])

Anyway, I am still kind of in a rut. Like I wish I could get my hands on some recipes that just knocked my socks off! I mean, I have some that I really love and that are very tasty but, I feel like I have made them a thousand times already. And if I am being real honest, I am still not just jumping for joy at the thought of cooking. Plus, I am not really wanting to eat bad. I want to eat good, I want to continue to lose weight. So, all those casseroles with cream of this or cream of that in them… well, I have got to leave them alone (which I have since February). Even though they are usually very easy and very tasty.

Maybe you remember me talking about the Top 10 Things to Know Before Dining Out? Did I explain that I am a bartender 3 nights a week? Yes- I am. No, I do not think I am Tom Cruise in Cocktails… very often. My shifts usually start around 4 and are generally over between 11 and midnight. I pretty much do not get a chance to eat a whole lot between those hours so by the time I get home, I am starving.

So, the other night I got home, threw open the refrigerator doors and what greeted me wasn’t much… but, I was ravenous which is when I tend to get the most creative. That night was no exception. The night before, I had baked some sweet potatoes which was an excellent beginning. And I have been on a pesto kick- I just can’t get enough! Pesto Sweet Potato?!? Why not? So, I mashed the sweet potato and then I added just a little pesto, maybe 1/2 tablespoon, and microwaved it for a minute and then I thought, a little sprinkle of cheese would be good, 30 more seconds in the microwave and- bam!


This was so good. Who would have thought that cheesy pesto sweet potatoes would be so good? But, it was. As a matter of fact. I made it again (to take these photos) for lunch two days later and guess who else liked them- Baby Bub. I offered him a bite and he gobbled it up! I would take a bite and then he would take a bite. cheesypestosweetpotatoBaby Bub is so funny when it comes to food- some things I would never dream of him liking he loves and some things I am so sure he’ll like, he won’t even try. But, he loved the cheesy pesto sweet potatoes!

I have come to learn that sometimes, you just have to try things and combinations that kind of push the limits. They can be very tasty! And when you try things that do push the limits and they aren’t the best, that’s okay too- you just have to move on and try again next time- that’s the case for many things but food is not an exception!

What have you tried that did or did not work?

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