Kitchen Cabinets, Batter Up!

I made it clear, I have got to tackle the clutter in my house. Although Bub and I will never live in a clutter free house, one day we will live in a house that is way less cluttered than it is now! Rather than try to de-clutter the entire house all at once, I have to dissect the project and do little pieces all along the way. I have to start with that the fact that I live in about as far South as you can go in Alabama and it’s August. I won’t be doing any organizing in the attic for several months! So, I found another project this past week.

The kitchen cabinets get kind of crazy in this house! I decided to get them under control while Baby Bub was napping- I originally intended to only do one set but one led to another and then another… I just took advantage of the momentum.

It started with the Rubbermaid/ plastic container cabinet. When we moved in, ahem 2.5 years ago, I instituted a pretty good system however, there has been very little maintenance since then and as such, it was in dire need of some attention. I mean, when you have 150 tops and not even a third of that in containers— it’s time to clean out.


So, I went through all the lids and threw out the ones that did not have matching containers and then went through and stacked all the containers in matchy-matchy piles. I would say, there is a big improvement here!

And when that was done so quick, I decided to go ahead and get the cabinet above the plastics under control. We have a need for a some space to put all of Baby Bub’s cups and such. So, I moved some stuff around and threw away a couple things and rearranged a couple things and whattayaknow- I found the space!


It was nice to be able to designate the entire bottom shelf for all of Baby Bub’s stuff- like it all goes there, not randomly throughout the cabinets.


And well, those two cabinets were easy and quick, so I decided to go ahead and do the cabinet that houses all the appliances. Well, I thought that was basically all that lives in that cabinet. I started pulling everything out of it and more and more stuff just piled out of it! Do you see that picture?! All the stuff on the island came out of the where the arrow is pointing! I was shocked at all the stuff that was living down in that cabinet! I totally and completely didn’t realize that cabinet would hold that much stuff- I was wrong!!! (Yes, 3 exclamation point wrong.)


I am not sure this photo does this cabinet justice but, I think this is the one that had the biggest transformation! I moved somethings to other places and I threw away a couple things and then I put some things back in there. I know I will be using that Spring-form pan soon and my loaf pans too. And yes, I know that’s a stack of 4 bundt pans- trust me that’s only half the collection I inherited from my grandmother and no, I won’t be getting rid of any of them any time soon. And yes, I use both the little and big food processor and I love them equally.


It was just as I was finishing this third cabinet that Baby Bub woke from his nap. He has just gotten into the idea of opening the cabinets and going through them. Bub put locks on them to keep him out- except for a couple cabinets by the stove were we stand most of the time. Well, it took Baby Bub about 5 minutes to discover those cabinets without the locks!

However, I really encourage you to take a look at your cabinets. Could they use a little attention? Each little project that I tackle makes me feel better and better about my over-all cluttered situation!

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