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One of my sweetest friends on the planet Erica (you may remember her from here and here) invited me to participate in something called a Blog Hop. What is a blog hop, you may ask? Not only is it an excuse for me to post an adorable picture of a bun, but it is also kind of like an internet chain-letter. But not in the creepy, Nigerian money-scheme type way. A friend invites you to talk about writing on your blog and then you in turn invite YOUR friends. Fun all around! Writing about my writing is kind of trippy, so I appreciate your indulgence in advance. 🙂 Here ‘goes…

What am I working on? Living in the Hollywood area means that you actually CAN’T talk too much about what you are ACTUALLY working on. Proprietary stuff and all. I will say that I am working on a couple of things. Also, producing consistent, perpetual content for FTTDWYW has proven to be super time-consuming. I’m also working on my tan? Just kidding… skin cancer stinks.

How does my work differ from others of its genre? I am a firm believer in everyone having their own unique voice. There is just nothing you can do about it. You are a product of your unique past and experiences and all the people (and their people before them) who got you to where you are. I fancy myself funny, but that could just be a lie I’ve been telling myself for years. I come from a long-line of charismatic people/story tellers and I hope I got a smidge of that… and hopefully a dash of old-south genteelness? And my work probably differs the most from other writers in my genre in that my grammar and punctuation are most likely atrocious.

Why do I write what I do? I am fortunate enough in that I only really write about things that interest me. I have a large range of interests, though. I also write as a type of therapy. Words have much power. It is amazing what a few key/penstrokes can do- both good and bad- for the writer and the reader.

How does my writing process work? It often starts with much procrastination. It (generally) starts with an idea (sometimes a picture). The idea inspires research, if necessary. Sometimes the words come easily and it is hard for my fingers to keep up. Sometimes, I just write out thoughts and jokes and then carefully rearrange them into something resembling a  paragraph. Although I do a lot of photo-editing while the television is on, writing is impossible for me under those circumstances. Similarly, writing with music is something I love… but it generally can’t be anything with lyrics. Chopin’s Nocturnes were my writing jam there for awhile. Most of my writing takes place after 10:00 p.m., but that could just be a symptom of circumstances. Oh yeah, and p.j. pants. P.j. pants are key.

Well… that was fun! For next week, I’m going to pass the baton on to Derek Adams from spell-sword.com and Shayla Epps on her blog at Angelskirts.com.

Anybody got any good work music recs?


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