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Whether you are waiting for the coffee to brew, an article to slowly load on your computer, a train to work, an important phone call, or your turn in line… without fail, you’re day will have some component of waiting to it. Sometimes those moments wind up being the best of times; from long car trips, to a life epiphany in a grocery store. Coralie and I humbly endeavor to fill some of that down time for you with funny stories, helpful suggestions, and our unique brand of “awww…. gurl.” But we are always curious to know what fun things YOU are doing while you’re waiting.

Which is why we are so pleased to announce that this month’s radio broadcast performance from the Jonesborough Yarn Exchange (one of the premier storytelling societies in the South) will be devoted to fun things to do while you’re waiting! The hour-long radio program is part of a growing revival in the storytelling movement and is broadcast on local NPR station WETS 89.5 FM, but streamed online globally. The show is composed of stories and music garnered from the denizens and history of Jonesborough, a charming town nestled in the northeast most tip of Tennessee. Storytelling has been essential since the dawn of time and has been integral to our survival as a species. Through it, we preserve, share, entertain, and connect. The Jonesborough Yarn Exchange celebrates the beauty and impact that storytelling brings to our lives. The show is produced and directed by Jules Curry-Corriere (an early supporter of FTTDWYW) who also happens to be my cousin’s fiancé. Jules approached me with the idea of collaborating and centering her next months show around the concept of fun things to do while you’re waiting. Obviously, Coralie and I were on board immediately, thankful for the opportunity to be mentioned alongside such a fantastic organization. If scheduling permits, there is also a chance that I might be joining the cast for the performance.

How fortuitous that collaborating, storytelling, and listening to the radio are some of our favorite things to do while we’re waiting?! I will share all broadcast and streaming information as it becomes available.

Happy Monday, everybody!




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