Is This Thing Still On?

Many a moon has gone by since there’s been a new post on FTTDWYW. Many a person has inquired, “What has happened to Coralie and Leigh?” Much like schoolchildren, and despite the best intentions, Coralie and Leigh took the summer off from the blog. For Coralie, summertimes are always slammed– she LIVES at the BEACH. And although the beach is amazing, she (herself) is the destination hot spot for many a fan. On top of working and playing hard, she still managed to take a quick trip to New Orleans and swim with the Phishes. Leigh spent her summer down south in Georgia giving care and cherishing moments. But, now she’s back down south, but this time, in California: painting with bold strokes, and furiously creating.

As the last days of summer start to dwindle down, it’s time to get back up on the bloggin’ wagon. And just like Baby Bubs starts school next week, we (too) are gathering our virtual Trapper Keepers and Bic #2 Click pencils. Look for new content and resumed schedules next week! Until then, enjoy your last days of summer.



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