That’s So Sno: A Guest Post by Lil’ Sno

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Five years ago, I made a website for my parents dog. Yeah, you read that right. I made a website for my parents dog. If you met her, you’d get it. Recently, the website received a re-vamp and I thought you guys might enjoy it. That is, you might like it if you enjoy pictures of adorable dogs doing adorable things and ridiculous syntax. Enjoy! ~Leigh

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Lettuce Head Lil Sno
I not like to think about time before I found my foreverfamily. It sad and scary. But, long time ago, when forevermommy save me behind dumpster at grocery store, I had lettuce on my head. Now, when they call me, “lettuce-head”… I not care. I just happy to have family.



My leighleigh so funny. In 2010, she make thing with me. It website.

I say, “type this, type that.”

She say, “Why don’t you just do it?”

I say, “I dog.”

She say, “fine.”

I say, “Beside. I design website. That pretty impressive for dog.”

She say, “…true.”

Lil Sno Solves Mysteries

Checkout my website. You like it. I promise. Is full of funny pictures. Leighleigh say you like funny pictures. Here funny picture of me and leighleigh solving mysteries. There also pictures of other dogs that live with me on website. leighleigh say had to. But you come read website anyway.


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