Fa-Get About It Friday!!

fa get about itI had planned to do an up date today on the construction going on in and around my house…

Demo Time

Yep! Fa-Get About It! There is no up date so to speak of. I mean, the walls are demoed and the electrician has been by to remove all the wires and such… but, the remodeling has pretty much been at a stand still for a couple weeks now. I just keep coming back to the fact that good things come to those who wait. And in the mean time, fa-get about it.

Speaking of my house,

laundry backed up



Dishes- Yep, fa-get about it! My house would not be my house if there wasn’t a massive amount of laundry to be folded and a sink FULL of dishes! I am not sure how 3 people can go through so many clothes and so many dishes but, we manage to use everything we got! At least the laundry is clean but folding, putting them up and doing the dishes- fa-get about it.

yard sale

Here’s my yard sale pile. It should be 10 times this size by now. I am trying to really get serious about decluttering and just getting rid of some of the stuff cluttering our home. I should be going through the attic but, you can definitely fa-get about that!

HFMGuess who came home an hour after school started because he has Hoof and Mouth virus? Yep. Nothing better than a highly contagious virus that only affects littles. Just fa-get about it.

And you remember last time I told you to fa-get about potty training…

undiesThere’s no need for you to start thinking about it now- I even found Micky Mouse under-roos. And Micky Mouse is Baby Bub’s jam! He was totally interested in them until I told him they were underwear. For the record, the update on potty training is this: I told Baby Bub that when all the diapers run out he will have to start wearing underwear. Until then, I’m just gonna fa-get about it!

tempOne thing I am just loving- that I had fa-got about until it rolled back around- 70 degree weather! Yes, it is so wonderful. It is such a nice reprieve from such a hot summer. Summer- fa-get about it, Fall- bring it on!


I just love pumpkins! And mums! They both just scream Fall to me. And it is time! I am just going to fa-get about all the crap and just enjoy the Fall weather because who knows, it might be 90 degrees again next week!

What have you got lined up for the weekend? What are you going to do to ring in October?

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