*guiltily scoots backwards*

I don’t know about you kids, but between the time change and a particularly cloudy patch of weather sitting over us (yes, it happens), my attitude is being kicked pretty hard right now. Seasonal Affective Disorder is real. Even if you are an early riser, grasping at every sun ray, we are now in the season where there is simply less light to go around. I’m only just now getting over my disgust of it getting dark at 4 p.m. And since I can’t move to New Zealand for six months out of the year (thanks, Obama!), I guess I’ll just have to self-sooth with adorable animal videos, like the rest of the world.

So, forgive my absence last week and forgive my brevity this week. I do feel guilty about it…

*scoots backwards*

What do you think? Is S.A.D real? Do you love the time change? Did you also have the same trashcan from Bed, Bath, and Beyond as in the video? As always, let us know!



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    • I both love and hate that you are right there with me! Glad I’m not the only one! Hang in there, Laura!

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