Words to Live By

Words to Live By

Or, words by which to live… either way, we’ve always been about quotes. We been collecting them for years. In the words of Michel de Montaigne, “I quote others only to better express myself.” Here are a few that have rocked our boat to give you some inspirado!

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So, let’s start with the words of Liz Taylor for those particularly challenging days-

liz taylor

and then, I want to move on to friend selection 101



and finally, for when it gets deep-

circus circus


A Page Break for our Quotes PostLeigh's SignatureThere is a quote that I come back to all the time. For comfort, guidance, and a general guide for life. It’s by my ol’ pal Ralph “the Mouth” Waldo Emerson. Okay, so no one called him that, but whatever…


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There are two quotes that I have come across lately that have stuck with me. This first one, so much so that I wrote it on my mirror and I repeat it to myself all the time.

Design graphics by: picturequotes.comAnd, lastly, I came across this one just the other day. I’ve ruminated on it ever since.

Some inspiration about making mistakes A flourish for the bottom of our quotes post.

Do you have a mantra? Words that give you life? Did you find some inspirado here? As always, let us know in the comments!

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