July 5th: One Step Back

I’m sorry for all the “thoughty” posts lately… Being without my stuff (cooking, craft, or otherwise) has made the traditional FTTDWYW post’s more difficult. And that is where this post comes in. On Wednesday, I announced to the world that Josh and I had found an apartment and  we still have and that is all good. However, when I called to tell the movers that we were ready for our stuff, I was fed some line about “summer restrictions on trucks” and blah blah blah… long story short, we won’t be getting our stuff until August 12th. That’s six weeks away. We specifically hired these movers (and paid a premium for their service) because they promised us that there would be a week turn around once we informed them we had found a place. In fact, when I told our salesman about another company I had priced out and not hired because they were upfront about their 8 week turnaround, the salesman laughed and said that that was ridiculous. Which, I agree… that IS ridiculous. I am not revealing the national moving company’s name until we get our stuff safely back, but BELIEVE YOU ME, imma write a super-nasty yelp.com review. So, two steps forward, one step back. We’re trying not to let this get us down, but it’s tough. I’m a true believer in things happening for a reason, and a friend of mine posted the below on Tumblr which came right at the right time:


 The pendulum always swings the other way and it’s so easy to get caught up in the bad stuff while ignoring all the good stuff- the stuff we take for granted which in and of themselves is awesome. Making plans and counting on things is almost always a recipe for disappointment. Not that getting all our stuff delivered promptly wouldn’t be super awesome, but who knows what the next several weeks have in store.

For the past 8 years, Josh and I threw a Fireworks Party on the 4th of July in Chicago. I had a small sad this year when it occurred to me that that wasn’t happening. But, you know what? There were fireworks. There was a party. There were new friends and good times- wouldn’t trade it for anything. If we had gotten our apartment sooner, we may not have even been at this party. You are always exactly where you are supposed to be- for whatever the reason be it now or later. Stuff is stuff; it’s familiarity, comfort, convenience, etc… but, it’s just stuff… and hopefully, in a month and a half, we’ll laugh about this while having coffee on the awesome table I found at Goodwill for the interim that we like better than the one we already have! Though you best be believing imma talk to my Non-Judgmental Lawyer about this…

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  1. Leigh! Hang in there. Remember to breathe. Patience is so hard, and only a few really master it. But you are right in that good things are around the corner. I am thinking about you and sending you good vibes!! xoxoxo

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