Jane Fonda- I Am Not.

I wish I could write genuine posts about how much I just love to work-out. But, alas, I cannot. I hate exercising. I would rather stand in the cold rain crying of depression than exercise. And you wanna hear about the icing on the cake? I married a man who has a natural born metabolism the speed of light. He doesn’t have to exercise to keep his trim figure. Oh and he loves food (and exercise) as much as I do!

I joined a gym for 3 months 2 years ago. My thought was that I would loose a few pounds before I got prego… I only wanted to commit to 3 months because I did not want to be locked into a year long contract and then not go. Well, I went 3-4 times a week the whole time I was a member. But, in my mind since I was working out, I could eat what ever I wanted. In my pursuit to loose weight- it made no sense. I didn’t gain any weight but I didn’t loose any either. In the end, I decided I would rather not work out and eat better than work out and justify junk food.

In the past, I convinced myself that Zumba was more dance than exercise. I do enjoy dancing. I had it on the Wii and my sister loaned me her Xbox and I had it on there- so, I just did it in my living room (turned bedroom). And that was fine- but… I lost interest. Did I mention, I hate exercise? Maybe I should try a class but that presents a whole new can of worms that, ugh!

I wish I loved running. I would just run around- but, it’s boring. Yeah. No. No matter how awesome the playlist is or how riveting the audio book or talk show is- running still bores me. And walking too- plus, it’s slow. Overall, not for me. Am I being negative? Yes. I’m also being honest. It is what it is- running is not for me.

But, you know I am trying to get into those (damned) jeans! And I have come to a place in my weight loss journey where I have got to exercise. That is just all there is to it. So, I have to figure out some things that I will do. I do love riding my bike and Baby Bub does like his buggy. So, that has become a no-brainer. And I also do AdvoCare’s, “Can you 24?” video.

I like this video because the entire exercise time is 24 minutes- from warm up to cool down- 24 minutes. I can do anything for 24 minutes. Before I ever did it, I thought- 24 minutes- is this even going to do any good?! Well, yes- it has. After the first day my butt was sore and I just did the intermediate level! So, 24 minutes of exercise is working and I’m extremely cool with it being only 24 minutes!

work it outBub was kind enough to snap this cute photo of me post 24-minute work out. If you are my facebook friend, you saw it the other day. There’s a few things about this photo worth noting. The first is that you can see my collar bone. Granted, it is not overly pronounced but if you have ever been able to see your collar bone and then lost sight of it… when you can begin to see it again, it’s a big deal- at least for me. And I didn’t realize mine had shown back up until I saw it in this photo- so, that was pleasing. The second thing about this picture is those boxers. I bought them when I was about 5 months prego never dreaming that I would ever out-grow them… oh, but I did! I mean I couldn’t even get them up over my thighs the last time I tried to get them on when I was pregnant. And the third thing about this photo- my socks. Aren’t they great! I love holiday socks and these are my Valentine socks- love them!

Credit UnionBut I don’t want to risk burning out on the “Can you 24?” so I try to do other forms of exercise in my limited list of exercises I’m willing to do— yeah, willing. I do love bike riding. I always have. I have ridden many a mile on my bike. So, I still enjoy that. And we have this awesome buggy that Baby Bub loves that attaches to my bike.


Drug StoreI had a couple errands to run so I decided to do them on my bike. Gulf Shores is awesome like that- just about everywhere is close enough to ride your bike. I loaded up Baby Bub and took off for the credit union and then the drug store. Baby Bub is a road warrior! He loves the open air! In the end, I killed two birds with one stone- I got my errands taken care of AND I got some exercise AND I actually enjoyed the whole process. So, win- win-win.

Some things will never change. I doubt that I will ever be bouty-bouty exercise but, I do understand that to loose weight I have to maintain a healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet and exercise. I am trying to embrace that one step (one pump, one squat, one superman, one plank toe-touch) at a time.

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