Milky Ice Berries and an Interesting Nutritional Fact…

Milky, Ice Berries


  • blueberries frozen
  • milk, any varietal.


  • Freeze berries.
  • Put frozen berries in a bowl and pour milk over them. Cover until all berries are coated with a 1/8" pool of milk at the bottom of the bowl.

Imma gonna give you a great, easy dessert recipe… but first I want to give Coralie a birthday shout-out! Her b-day falls on Sunday this year and (since we don’t publish on Sunday) I wanted to get this out there before it hits. I love that she and Henry’s birthdays are so close together. They are both something to celebrate and I only wish I could be there in person to do so. She means so much to so many and I am forever grateful that I can call her my friend. Please make sure to wish her the happiest birthday this Sunday. For your birthday, dear one, I didn’t use the four other ridiculous photos that I had scanned in for this post. 🙂


*back to our regularly scheduled program*

My mom didn’t write a cookbook like Coralie’s did… but my mom is a really great cook in her own right. She makes the meanest omelet I have ever had… so much so, that I call it a “mom-let”. She is also a master soup-maker along with making a spicy sausage spaghetti that will knock your socks off. She can set the prettiest table you have ever seen and throw an elegant affair that would make Martha Stewart jealous. All that being said, this “recipe” that I learned from my mother is far from complex. It is elegant, I guess, in its simplicity. I have vivid memories of having this dessert as a kid and it wasn’t until I recently remembered that it dawned on me how ingenious it was.

blueberry collageYou can call it whatever you like, but I’m going to call this dessert: “Milky, Ice Berries.” You can really use any frozen fruit, but in my memory, it was always frozen blue or strawberries. I used fresh blueberries that I had washed and frozen the night before– but you can use the pre-bagged versions you find at stores, as well. Take the frozen berries and place them in a ramekin. Cover with milk. Wait. That’s it: two ingredients… three steps… The milk freezes around each berry and the texture is icy and different. This dish is really all about the contrast between when you start to eat it and when you finish it. The dish (both the milk and the blueberries) changes textures throughout which makes it varied– which, to me, is a key component to keeping my interest.

You can use any milk– almond, soy, rice, whatever… they all work. And, again, you can use any fruits (peaches, raspberries, etc.) so long as they can be frozen. So, really, there are all kinds of variations on a theme that can be made with this concept. You could even call it a deconstructed smoothie if you were feeling so inclined.

Here is the interesting nutritional fact, though… I was surfing Google to see what other people called the frozen blueberry/milk concoction when I kept coming across articles stating that when you eat blueberries (specifically) with milk, the proteins negate the anti-oxidant properties from the blueberries. Bumming, right? I guess you’ll just have to eat this dessert and revel in its low-calorie yumminess… instead of it’s anti-oxidentedness. The more you know, I guess?! But, it is certainly something to ponder– especially if you put them in your smoothies for their content and not their taste.

What, “Mom” recipes do YOU have?

Have a great weekend, y’all! I can’t wait to hear how C.A. celebrated on Sunday!


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  1. Leigh, Thank you for the birthday wishes! I do believe that photo was taken at the WSP New Years Eve concert circa 2001? Fun times. And those milk and berries look delish! Yum!

  2. Correct! Do you know that just dawned on me? That picture was taken almost 13 years ago. THIRTEEN YEARS!!!! Ugh.

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