The Whirlwind

I severely overestimated the amount of time I would have this season… Which was silly of me… When has there ever been a holiday season that wasn’t exhausting and chock-full of activities? If we’re not AT a party/event, then we’re prepping for it or recovering from the last one. Wednesday, my mom threw a bridge party in my honor and Thursday saw our annual musical Christmas party with family and friends. Today I’m heading to Atlanta for a birthday party with a family party tomorrow and another birthday party Sunday night. Between shopping, driving around, cleaning/decorating binges, oh yeah… and life, there has been little to no down-time. So, like Coralies post yesterday, please forgive the lateness of this post today. I suspect everyone else is in the same boat as me and will understand.

To top it all off, the Internet is down at our house… So, I’m doing this from my phone… Which means that this post is going to be supa-small… ‘Cause ain’t nobody got time for typing out a post on their phone.

But, for all the stress and running around, I wouldn’t trade a second of it. I’m loving spending time with my family, hanging out with my brother, and all the puppy kisses are good for my soul. I’m missing Southern California though. It is amazing how quickly I have become spoiled weather-wise. It is truly something when I spend most of my time being cold… in GEORGIA. As soon as I stepped off the plane in Atlanta, I was chilly… which is hilarious… As if eight Chicago winters counted for naught in my conditioning. I have been so grateful for the pair of fake Uggs I left in my Lavonia closet that were part of a Snookie Monster Halloween costume from years ago.

Next week will be predictably crazy… and I can’t wait. Happy Holidays, y’all.

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