A Gift Wrapping Lifehack

I have inherited my mom’s flare for presentation. I love setting a beautiful table or putting together a beautifully wrapped present. But, in the last couple of years, as I have looked at the pile of wrapping detritus from a post-Christmas unwrapping frenzy and found myself kind of disgusted by what a waste decorative wrapping is. If it is going to be sitting under a tree for weeks, or going to a friend or acquaintance, then YES– beautiful gift wrapping is a thing. But, for the things that just need to be wrapped, the less effort the better.

This old dog loves learning new tricks… especially ones that make my life easier. Someone on my Facebook feed posted a video from the Meredith Vieira talk show right before the holiday season purporting a gift wrapping lifehack. You know how I love the lifehacks. Although I’ve never watched her show, I enjoyed Meredith Vieira’s stint on the Today show. I cannot speak to the quality of her show, but this lifehack is amazing. Peep this video, yo.

This one became my go-to wrapping method for anything that wasn’t rectangular. It took maybe two times of me doing this before I really got the hang of it and was able to eyeball how much paper to really cut to make it the shape and size I wanted, but by the end of the gift wrapping season, I was using this method to wrap everything from clothes to stuffed animals.

One thing I will mention is that really cheap wrapping paper makes it a little harder as the sack can be punctured easily in the softer, less-structured spots. But, like in most things, you get what you pay for.

So, next time you gots to wrap an awkwardly shaped birthday gift, or need to create gift bag from scratch, remember this!

Do you origami? Are you a fan of the aesthetically artful? As always, let us know!



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