Coralie’s Craft Corner: (Complete) Strike Out!

Craft Corner

Okay so, I have been seriously feeling the craftin’ vibe for the last month to six weeks. I find myself at Hobby Lobby and Lowes and Wal-Mart almost daily. That is just cray! We have all this demo and construction and new condo stuff going on- I have just been trolling Pinterest looking for artwork and ways to decorate. And I found some cute stuff-

artMy first find was this beauty over at Shine Your Light– I thought it was cool and neat and would look great on the walls at the condo. Here’s what you do, get a bucket, fill it with water- then drip some enamel paint on top of the water and swirl it around then dip your canvas or card stock or whatever in the swirl and then BAM! you have this cool ass piece of art.

Well, I didn’t have a bucket but I did have a Rubbermaid top… I really thought I was onto something… it really looked good and swirly…

step one


So, I got my canvas and kind of dipped it… and what I got was this



And as you can plainly see— this is no where close to how I envisioned the outcome…

Gold-8-StringBut, I did not let one bump in the road keep me down. I decided to just completely scrap the swirly idea and move onto this cool piece of artwork at Brit+Co… I mean, how could I go wrong? This is it- you paint your canvas a cool metallic color, let it dry, wrap it with string and spray paint it with another color or colors, let it dry and then BAM! again you have this kick ass piece of art- and what happened was less than that.


I want to tell you- my attempt looked no where as cool as the original pin…

So, I decided to forget about the canvas art for a little bit. But, Bub and I are going to add a screened in porch— and I am thinking a cool light fixture would be nice out there. Bub and I are both in the restaurant business- so, why not a light fixture made out of empty liquor bottles. I have the vision in my head and it’s gonna be cool.

I am thinking the first step in creating this light fixture is to remove the bottom of the bottles. There a lots and lots of tutorials on how to do it on Pinterest. The basic steps are to soak a sting in something flammable then wrap it around the bottom and light it on fire until you hear a crack and then dip it in cold water… I did all that and here’s what I got:

bottledYeah, nothing!

So, at this point- having stuck out on three different projects, I decided to step away from the craft corner for a couple days until I have time to regroup and get a new plan!

Do you have some whammies on your craft desk? You know we want to hear about it!

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