DIY Burlap Wreath- Perfect for Every Season!

My front door has been naked since Mardi Gras ended over 6 months ago! I put together a wreath last Fall that was right effective, as my Momma says but I was not really feeling it this year. I have taken to strolling around Pinterest at night and found this great burlap wreath. The blogger finished hers off with lace- well, I ain’t feeling lace- but, burlap… I am feeling burlap.

3 girls bsideBub, Baby Bub and I went to Mobile to spend the night with Mike and Jeanie- you remember Jeanie- she shared her skinny black bean brownies with us and I have detailed our spend the night parties.

I tell you all this because I insisted that we stop at Hobby Lobby on the way to their house and would not even consider the possibility of stopping on the way the back. I wanted to make sure I had my provisions to make this burlap wreath before we even considered coming home.

Let’s get on with this tutorial. I took a bunch of photos because seeing is believing. First, I got a $5 wire wreath frame and 4 rolls of 5 inch burlap ribbon. I ended up only using 3 of the rolls but I did not want to run out.


Oh, did I mention this tutorial requires no ties or sewing- just looping- everybody can loop. So, open the burlap ribbon and thread it under-over-over-under. under over underAnd then loop it back over and under the outer wire.

loop back

And then squish.


And this brings us to the kind of sucky part of this process- unroll the burlap ribbon completely and weave the opposite end back through the frame: over-under-under-over and loop back.

back and forth

And you just keep repeating this weaving process. When you get to the end of your ribbon you just tuck the end into the frame and start the next roll exactly how you started the first roll.

two thirds there

You work your way around the frame until the entire frame is covered in burlap. The weaving and looping of the burlap is very forgiving- you just loop and squish. The end result is a very lovely blank canvas- if you will. (Yes, I will keep you updated as I adapt this burlap wreath with each changing seasonal holiday.)

Although I wasn’t feeling the wreath I made last Fall, I was feeling the Fall-y flower picks that I used. So, I pulled those out and added them to the burlap canvas.

flower picks

And I have to say that this Fall incarnation of this burlap wreath looks great on our red door!

DIY Burlap Wreath

Have you tried your hand at making a wreath using a wire frame? Do you have an tricks of the trade? As always, we wanna know.



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  1. This is precious! How adaptable! Can’t wait to see how you mod it for other holidays.

    • Thanks so much Ashley! I was really pleased with how easy it was to make & how cute it turned out!

    • Bonnie, I am starting to get my thoughts together on how I am going to transform it into a Christmas Burlap Wreath!

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