DIY Peace… Wreath

I don’t know what you would call my style. It is kind of all over the board. I like traditional or as my best friend termed it “old lady”. And I like some modern stuff. I have an acquaintance that is an interior designer and upon seeing my house she said I need to pick a style because each room in my house is a different style… well, yeah. After pondering that for a while I have decided that my house is a reflection of me (and Bub). My own personal style is all over the board so it makes sense that my house would be all over the board!

The style I identify with the most and what I try to aim for when I am actually aiming is bohemian chic… aka grown-up hippie. (No, I am not talking about store-bought patch work clothing.) I’ll save the in-depth explanation of bohemian chic for a later post. For now, just roll with me.

Sooooo, one of my neighbors around the way has a peace sign wreath- that I thought was just cute. I had a very brief deep moment when I first saw it. I totally skipped over the 1960s over-done, commercial peace sign crap. I thought- now, that is a good message to greet your guests. You know, peace be with you as you come and go. I really thought it was cool for that reason. I didn’t really think “Oh! I have got to run out and find one of those quick!” Because, honestly, I first spotted that wreath about a year ago.

But, all along the way- I have been keeping my eye open for something to hang on my front door that will not only match but also something that I like. Really, I haven’t found anything that I like enough to pay for- because the ones that I do like are expensive! So, I haven’t bought anything. I kept thinking, well- it’s almost fall and I’ll hang my fall wreath and Christmas is just around the corner (Yes, I know it’s August!) and I’ll hang my Christmas wreath.

Well, Bub, Baby Bub and I went for an evening bike ride the other night and our next door neighbor had just cut down a tree and it was like a light bulb went off in my head! I could make my own peace sign wreath! Just skin the leaves off, tie it all up and bam- I’d have my own peace sign wreath.

pile o leaves

On our way back home, I stopped and broke off a bunch of the limbs. I though it was important that the limbs were still green so that they would bend and not break. I threw those limbs over my shoulder and pedaled myself and Baby Bub in the Baby Bub buggy home with Bub laughing the whole way saying he wished he had a camera to capture that sight and I wish he had one too so I could share it with you. But alas, such was not the case. The next morning, I got to work on those limbs. First I removed the leaves and tied to limbs together using cross stitch thread.

Tied UpAnd I just kept repeating that until my wreath started to take shape. It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish to get the wreath to where I liked it. And  now after looking at it a couple days, I may go back and thicken it up- but, I like it just the way it is too.

Peace WreathAnd in the end, I decided to hang it on the back door because that is the door that we use 98% of time and I wanted it to be a constant reminder to myself to come and go with peace.

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  1. That is super cute! I have always wanted one of those as well! You are a good writer btw! I always enjoy reading what you write as opposed to skimming which I do on so many blogs!

    • Laura, it was super easy to make! I was thinking today that floral wire or is it florist wire would work better- or green twist ties. You could easily whip one up! And thanks! I appreciate it. I tend to skim too, I have one or two that I read word for word, but- I get behind.

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