April 2017: Ain’t That Some Shit

What IS the je ne sais quoi feeling of, “Ain’t That Some Shit?!” Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Who knows? It is a Coralie original, and one that quickly entered into Leigh’s vocabulary. Join us again, as we take the month of April to task!


www.funthingstheblog.comAs Coralie can attest, living in a destination location means you have frequent houseguests. Which is wonderful! We love our friends and family! Our guestroom has been pretty booked for the last few months and this upcoming summer is no exception. If anything, it makes the times when there isn’t someone here feel like a vacation for Josh and me. Ain’t that some shit?! One of the many pluses of having folks in town is being a tourist in our own city. Although I have a pretty comprehensive visitors packet, I love when people introduce US to things in our city (from other friend referrals or research they’ve done). Our friends who were just here wanted to go to The Natural History Museum, which was something we hadn’t done yet. Although Exposition Park was on my list of “Places We Should Go,” it would have been a hot minute before we had gotten there. It was great! So much derpy taxidermy– and so many roses in the park. That being said, we also went to the Santa Monica Pier. I hadn’t been and it is one of the seminal LA attractions. Y’all. It is terrible. Like, uggh. The Santa Monica Pier is basically LA’s equivalent to Chicago’s Navy Pier– which I loathe. I guess the lesson to learn is maybe avoid tourist piers? Or anywhere that has a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant? It’s certainly not going on my MUST SEE Los Angeles list anytime soon. Ain’t THAT some shit?!

Also, everything has been difficult/tiresome lately because I’ve recently discovered that I have heavy metal poisoning. Ain’t THAT some shit?! No, Jojo isn’t dousing me with arsenic. Turns out my body isn’t able to eliminate antimony and it has built up in my system so much that it has completely interfered with my Krebs cycle- meaning I can’t convert nutrients from my food into energy. When my doctor got the test results back, she asked me if I “had spent time around a coal plant or a shooting range.” My answer of, “I took riflery at camp many summers ago…” wasn’t valid. Though we’ve posited that it might have to do with the fact that I’ve been mining coal with a musket for years… just kidding. I’ve been doing research into where I possibly might be getting antimony in my life and the answers aren’t promising as far as eliminating it. It’s in flame-retardant materials, plastics, all sorts of stuff. So, I’m building up my kidney strength to undergo heavy metal detox in May. Happy birthday to me, I guess?

Coralie and I have been working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes. Which means we’ve had to get out of our comfort zone and dive head first into multiple new software platforms. We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again… and it’s always worth it… and stepping out of your box is how you move forward… except… uggh… it’s hard. Ain’t that some shit?! Not only are we learning new tricks to move the blog forward, we are also flexing our self-promotional muscles. Turns out, those muscles are really out of shape. We both need to get more comfortable asking people to like us on Facebook and to subscribe to our newsletter. Ain’t that some shit?! We hate that this even matters. Or that we need to say anything at all. But, todays day and age is all about social media presence. We haven’t pushed, because we didn’t want to. But, numbers don’t lie. If everyone who is reading our posts, would “like” us on Facebook, the world would be a much better place (for us, at least)! Neither one of us is big into asking for help. Or self promotion. But, we’re getting better. And, with that, here is our request for Facebook likes and to sign up for our newsletter. For all of those who have already “liked” us and signed up, we love you for it. For those who haven’t, or for anyone who has ever even MILDLY enjoyed our blog, please head on over to our Facebook page and “like” us– or click here. Like REALLY like us. We’re not obnoxious in our Facebook blasts. Promise. In fact, we’ve been pretty remiss in posting there regularly. And if you are interested in getting our content emailed to you monthly, sign up for our newsletter. We promise to never abuse your trust. But, we’ve got some important things coming up that you’re gonna want to know about.



April. 2017. Ain’t that some shit. You ever wonder what people were thinking in 1917? The world was in the middle of a world war- wasn’t that some shit!?!

Alabama’s gov’nah got impeached! Ain’t that some shit!!  And now we have our first Female Republican gov’nah! Ain’t that some shit?!! Bless us.

And then.


And then.

Like Leigh said- we are finally getting with the blogging program. What that really means is that we are going to start a monthly newsletter. And it means that we have to learn some new stuff, practice it and get it in gear. Ain’t that some shit. Another piece of the puzzle is that we have both experienced other bloggers that we’ve subscribed to that blew our inboxes up. Which is a large part of why we are so late getting to the newsletter game. So, when Leigh says we won’t fill your inbox with a daily stream of emails- we mean it. You’d be doing us a solid if you’d sign up for our newsletter.

And we have another trick or two up our sleeves that we are going to integrate into the blog— but, we’re gonna keep working on that a little longer before we come off any details- ain’t that some shit!?! But, I will say- it will be worth your patience when www.funthingstheblog.comit comes down to it… and we won’t keep you waiting much longer.

Ohhhhh! Y’all. Bub got a new car! For probably the last year he has been researching pickup trucks. Every single kind of pickup truck out there. And then a week ago he sent me a picture of a SUV that he had found- ain’t that some shit! Lord knows he needed a new car and absolutely deserved one!

We all have our own quirks and idiosyncrasies that make us who we are. We all have ways and methods of living our lives (even if our method is to have no method). I have found that my quirks and idiosyncrasies have matured and mellowed as I have matured and mellowed. (I am a straight shooter- I call a spade, a spade.) And I understand that the methods to my madness work for me even if they don’t work for you. I appreciate and am cool with your methods being totally different than mine… until your methods mess-up my rotation! Ain’t that some shit!?! When someone else messes up your rotation?! This week, I just walked away from the fire- now, ain’t that some shit- me walking away from a fire!

And guess who has a new roommate! Yep, Bub and I do- my sister Katie has taken up residence upstairs- ain’t that some shit!?! Yep. My sister Katie and her 2 four-legged children have moved in. Because we work opposite schedules, I really only see her about 2 days a week. She is always asleep when I get up and go to work and she’s at work when I get home from work. So, so far- no problems- ain’t that some shite!?!

Do you flock to the “tourist traps”? Have you adult-ed and “walked away from a fire”? As always, let us know what’s grinding your gears this April in the comments! And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter below or like us on Facebook by clicking here!

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