#WayBackWednesday Bathroom Remodel and Update

Bathroom Remodel and Update

Do you hear me knocking? Its Way Back Wednesday! Yep! And I have to say- I woke up this morning, logged into the blog’s dashboard- pull up some of the oldest of my posts and found the paisley stamped shower curtain. And two years later, I still love it! However, what I found even more surprising- was the old paint and the picture of the old wallpaper- yes, I now know where to go if I ever need to reminisce about that hideous wallpaper!

DIY Stamped Shower Curtain

And then I thought I would go ahead link the rest of the bathroom remodel and updates that Bub and I did last Fall. I have to say that I do really love what we have done so far. I know that new counter-tops would really complete this space but at the same time, at this point I am willing to continue to wait to get what I really want.

Anyway, a really easy update that did wonders as far as bringing this bathroom into the 21st century was replacing the light fixtures– considering that we working with 1985 original light fixtures… they are leaps and bounds better.

new light fixtures

And then- the next two bathroom remodel and updates are really some of my favorites that we have done in the house. The foam stamped walls and the spray painted door handles.

foam stamp

Spray Painted Handles


And it was only in going back and reading these posts that I was reminded that I painted over wallpaper and it turned out fine just fine. And I still love the busy-ness that I was able to create with the foam stamp on the walls- truly a wallpaper alternative. The spray painted door handles are truly a wonderful surprise. I love the oil brushed bronze finish and I love that we were able to make everything matchy-matchy relatively painlessly.

So, how about that for a #waybackwednesday ?!?!!


All the Best, Coralie

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