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Faithful Reader, sometimes I go through these creative bursts of blog post writing and then sometimes I really struggle to find a good topic to share and discuss with you. And then some days, I am just struck with inspiration. Well, I am kind of in a drought of inspiration. I have plans for future posts, like planning Baby Bub’s first birthday and updating on my mission to get back into my old trustys and some Halloween decorations and yada yada yada. I just shared my enthusiasm that Fall is upon us last week- I can only say so much about that.

I have a couple recipes to share as well, but I am only at the ‘those are going to be good’ stage not even to the ‘grocery list’ stage much less the ‘I’ve tried it and it’s awesome’ stage. And I have a new book, it’s self-help, that I am going to share but I am only half way through it- it would make sense that I would have read the entire book before I share it with you…

So, I was just sitting here thinking about what has been going on in not only my world but also the world in which we live- I checked what is trending on the trending app on the laptop- I know we are late coming to this new windows platform- but, it has taken some getting used to- Anyway, I checked out the trending app on the start screen- and guess what is trending?! Eminem on ESPN this past weekend and his new album and twerking.

I watched Eminem’s video for the first single off his new album to be released in early November. And here’s a little factoid about me- I like Eminem. I don’t necessarily want to listen to an interview with him, but- I like his music. So, I’ll be getting that new album. Cool. And then, twerking. Seriously.

Have you seen that video that has gone viral of the girl that was twerking upside down on a door when her friend walked in, knocked her over onto the coffee table where there were lit candles- yes, she caught on fire. If you haven’t seen it, Google “Twerking Fail” and it should pop right up. Jimmy Fallon showed the video on his show the other night which was where Bub finally saw it, and although initially unfamiliar with the term twerking- he caught on quick.


And then facetime popped up. Two of my favorite people were calling to facetime with me! TJ and Michelle! I told them I was trying to get inspired for a blog post and they instantly volunteered to be my muses! They are in Charleston visiting another lovely set of friends but at midnight were the only two awake. Regardless, I was pleased to get to facetime with them!

Facetime takes a phone call to a whole new level! I feel positive that eventually, that will be the only option when it comes to phone calls. And I also feel like land lines will be very antiquated to Baby Bub. However, there is no hiding when you are facetimeing- not that I was hiding anything on this particular one- but, you loose a certain amount of privacy when you facetime. During this conversation- the three of us did decide to have a twerking contest, a twerk-off if you will, the next time we are together complete with twerking outfits.

You can only imagine how silly our conversation was- and in the end they have become my muses for this post. If you have facetime capabilities- I encourage you to call somebody using it. Regardless, I encourage you to call old friends and be silly and just bask in your friendship.

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  1. If you don’t have an Apple device on both ends, Google Hangouts provides pretty good, free video chat for all platforms. It even supports more than two parties!

    • Ted- I did not know that! And that is a tidbit of information I have been looking to find! I will certainly be looking into that! (My mom has an android phone.) And a facetime 3-way chat IS the next level!! Thank you very much. -Coralie

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