Homemade Chalk Paint: Ain’t Nothing To It!

Chalk Paint

Okay. I’ve seen all the hype about chalk paint on Pinterest. Seriously. There have to be a million and a half pins about chalk paint. And some of the projects they detail are incredible- shabby chic to the max. And, if you are into shabby chic, which I am, chalk paint will sooner or later catch your eye as it did mine.

There’s a very well known brand, Annie Sloan. I mean- this brand is the leader in name recognized chalk paint. If you are talking chalk paint, you have to know about Annie Sloan. However, I almost fell out in Lowe’s when I saw how much Annie Sloan cost. It is in the range of $35 a quart plus you have to buy the wax which is also not on the cheap side. So, all that said- I kind of dismissed chalk paint as anything I was interested in pursuing.

And then. This beaut came into our lives. Ain’t that some shit?!


Yes, it’s massive. And the amount of storage it provides for my house with no closets is like manna from Heaven. But, it needed a gentle nudge into the present day. And so, I started thinking about chalk paint- and trolling Pinterest looking for an cheaper alternative to Annie Sloan because I was thinking this beat was going to need more than a quart.


I was in luck because Pinterest is loaded with those too. There are 3 basic ways to make your own chalk paint- I choose Plaster of Paris. Here is  the basic formula:

2 1/2 tablespoons of plaster of paris

1 1/2 tablespoons of water

1 cup of paint *flat, latex paint of your color choice

Mix the plaster of paris and water together until you get a nice paste consistency.Then add your paint and then go to town painting your piece of furniture. Oh yeah, no sanding, no stripping, no priming just straight to painting.

So, back to my beauty. I took the doors off and all the hardware.

doors off

hardware off

I mixed up the homemade chalk paint and got down to business.

mixy mixy

It was all going great until I decided I did not like the color.

one coat

So, I backed up and punted and got a darker color.

sand it

Okay, here is where the sanding comes in- you just sand where you want there to appear to be wear and tear. So, you sand as much or as little as you want. And then you cover it with wax. I will admit I was a bit hesitant when it came to this can of wax and what it looked like when I got it out of the can. I used an old cut-up baby blanket to wax on and wax off.

wax on the plate

It turned out better than I expected.

up close

Oh, and in the mean time- Bub and I painted the room green. So, the blue cabinet on the green walls with the white built ins looks nice.

finished product

I also updated the hinges and knobs with a little rubbed oil bronze spray paint much like I did the bathroom handles. Eventually I want to get some new knobs but, these look pretty good all in all.

Oh, my house is still turned flipped upside down. I am coming to the point that I am just about ready to get it all back together. But, I know that good things comes to those who wait- so, it will one day be great.

Have you tried your hand with chalk paint? Have you given Annie Sloan a try? You know we want to hear what you think.


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A Fun Things the Blog Recommendation: Fed Up

Fed Up Movie Poster

I have been aware of the Katie Couric produced documentary Fed Up since it was making its marketing rounds upon release (2014?). I didn’t see it in the theaters, but I did make a note of it on my “Things to Watch” list (which, yes… I keep a list). Skip to several years later where I notice that it is on Netflix instant streaming and add it to my queue. Skip to (regrettably) several MORE months later where I’m putzing around doing house chores and finally put on Fed Up as background chore noise.

Y’all. Please watch this documentary. Please. Pretty pretty please.

I will warn you, like all good documentaries, it is extremely upsetting. It is about the lies that we are quite literally fed concerning food and the food industry by those who have conflicted interests– both commercially and governmentally. This movie could and may be easily dismissed as knee-jerk “liberal media” propaganda, but y’all… this subject is bigger than opinions on legislative oversight. This movie is an equal opportunity shamer of political parties! We’ve become so desensitized to the phrase “obesity epidemic” that it is hard to see it anymore or see how scary it is. This is not just a debate about being fat or skinny. The science that is coming out that shows that “skinny” doesn’t mean “healthy” and that many “normal” weight individuals are extremely obese on the inside. I don’t want to get into the numbers or specifics. The movie does a good job on both of those points. I did, however, want to pass it along. We need to be aware.

Sugar addiction is real (see below picture of a brain on sugar and a brain on cocaine). I’m addicted. I admit it. I’m working on it. But, it is easier to win the game when you know which way the rules are juked. There is a large part of this blog dedicated to eating healthier and avoiding processed chemicals (though Lord knows we also have our share of “bad” recipes on here, too). But, for every “clean” recipe we have there is another post about the struggle and emotional impact we assign to food. It is not a simple issue, but knowing is half the battle. All we can do is the best we can with what we have at this moment.

A brain on cocaine and a brain on sugar.

Take this film with a grain of salt (zing, still got it). The answers it offers are by no means comprehensive, but it is an eye-opening look at greed-based marketing ploys and how (yet again) we as a nation are leading the world in things that we don’t want to be leading the world in.

What do you think? Have you seen Fed Up? Do you remember the war on cigarettes? As always, let us know!



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*guiltily scoots backwards*

I don’t know about you kids, but between the time change and a particularly cloudy patch of weather sitting over us (yes, it happens), my attitude is being kicked pretty hard right now. Seasonal Affective Disorder is real. Even if you are an early riser, grasping at every sun ray, we are now in the season where there is simply less light to go around. I’m only just now getting over my disgust of it getting dark at 4 p.m. And since I can’t move to New Zealand for six months out of the year (thanks, Obama!), I guess I’ll just have to self-sooth with adorable animal videos, like the rest of the world.

So, forgive my absence last week and forgive my brevity this week. I do feel guilty about it…

*scoots backwards*

What do you think? Is S.A.D real? Do you love the time change? Did you also have the same trashcan from Bed, Bath, and Beyond as in the video? As always, let us know!



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Ain’t That Some Shit! November 2015: Weekend Edition

aintthat nov15

Faithful Reader, I skipped a week and I am a day late this week and all I can say for myself is… ain’t that some shit! Well… maybe I can add a little more explanation- my life has been busy! Seriously, busy. I know, that is no excuse but, it’s the best I can do. I do want to expound for you and open a window into my mind and what I have been chewing on these last couple weeks.

  1. Potty Training Update: As you know, Baby Bub has been less than enthusiastic about using the potty. Well, the last time I bought diapers, I made a big deal about it being the last time I bought diapers. And he and I would check to see how many we had left periodically. I was incredibly clear that when the diapers ran out, he was just gonna have to wear underwear. So, the day came… and by 10AM I was wondering if indeed we were ready for this. *Yes, it is a we thing- Baby Bub and me. But, I knew deep down in my heart that I just needed to push him a little. Also, after that first day, I am absolutely 100% sure, we are one and done because I DO NOT want to potty train another child- ever. We went through 10 pairs of underwear- not because he was having major accidents every time but, because he would sprinkle just a little in them and we would run for the toilet. And, we set the “potty timer” and every 15 minutes we went to the potty and he got an M&M just for sitting on the potty because at first he didn’t even want to do that… but, then the next day dawned and we only went through 4 pairs of underwear and these days, we still have an occasional accident but by in large, he is potty trained! Ain’t that some shit!!!  And PS he loves peeing in the yard.
  2. And I want to thank Leigh for my sweet birthday post. 36. Party People- I am 36 years old- Ain’t that some shit!!! That is cray. This is the first year in recent memory that my birthday hasn’t had this horrible dark cloud over it- let’s take a minute to thank the fine people at the Prozac plant for that. :) And in the next breath, my child is 3. Bub and I have managed to keep him alive for 3 years- I mean, cray. And, I mean- Ain’t that some shit!

3rd bday

3. Due to scheduling conflicts we decided to do Baby Bub’s birthday on Halloween and then just let the party lead into trick-or-treating. Remember, my neighborhood is awesome for trick-or-treating. It was fun and an great excuse for Pammie, Poppy, Aunt Stacey and them to trick-or-treat with us. Plus, it also meant that Baby Bub got to trick-or-treat with his 2 best friends, Jackson the Fireman and Maddox the Transformer. I mean, these boys had a blast!


4. Um, all the sudden- it’s like it is hotter than hell in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Which, on one hand- is awesome and on the other hand… it would be nice if it wasn’t 87F and 110%humidity. It is November now. But, my favorite time of day is what I like to call Happy Hour aka when the sun is going down and it is such a treat to get to enjoy these Happy Hours in November. The sunsets this time of year are spectacular- look, ain’t that some shit!

happy hour

5. Okay, let me pull out my soapbox. Is it just me or has the presidential campaigning started exceptionally early? We are still a year out! Why can’t they wait until January?!! And it seems like everybody and their brother (or sister) is running! Seriously. I know, I am breaking the rule of discussing politics on the blog but it’s my blog and my soapbox— this is the candidate that I am waiting on- the one that won’t tell me how to live me life- why is the government telling me how to live my life? My lifestyle is none of the government’s business!!! – and I want the same candidate to be very diligent with my tax money! I am thinking that because we have had a Democratic president for the past 8 years, the American public will elect a Republican… and well, if that’s the case- I like Chris Christie, But, hell- we’re still a year out from elections!


One thing is for sure, we have plenty of choices! Ain’t that some shit!

6. Okay. So, I have a new show- thanks to my Daddy. It’s his show but, I have been totally sucked in. And I want to go ahead and say if you don’t have Netflix, you are likely out of luck on this one. Drum roll please… I’m talking about Longmire.


My Daddy came and spent a night or two with us 6 weeks ago and we watched a couple episodes and then he came this past week and we marathon watched 5 or 6 episodes and I was totally hooked. Here’s the jist- a western sheriff, his deputies and all the mysteries they can solve- yep, ain’t that some shit?

7. Just a head’s up. Our annual wish list is in the works. And I got a new bag I am just dying for! Don’t doubt it. Bogg Bag anybody?

8. Okay, and back to why my life has been cray- the remodeling has gotten intense! The deck and the porch decking is complete!


Did I mention this part of the remodeling? Bub and I have wanted bonafied outdoor living space since the moment we moved into this house. And we are most certainly on our way. We are going to have an open deck and a screened-in porch. The deck is just about finished and the roofer will be here Monday to start on the roof— I mean, this screened in porch involves a new roof line and all this other stuff-are you catching on? Ain’t that some shit!? When it’s finished it’s gonna be so phat!

9. Okay, the last two on the list- are previews to what is coming in the next couple weeks. One, is a yard sale expose– yep, I just wrapped up my very first yard sale and I have tons of insight.

yard sale

I am going to lay it all out… I know you are surprised that I have things to say— ain’t that some shit?!

10. And also, I have done my research and by research I mean, trolling Pinterest, but I have done my research and I am ready to try my hand at chalk paint. See this beauty that my mom gave me- it’s got chalk paint written all over it.


And, I am going to fully report back– because I am not talking about Annie Sloane, I am talking about homemade chalk paint-— yep, it’s gonna be some shit!

Oh Dear Reader, thank you for bearing with me. I do want to hear about what has gotten you all tangled up in life.

coralie nov 15

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Happy Birthday, Girl!

A Birthday Picture from the Archives

Everyone has that month. That month that is auspiciously packed with more birthdays/celebrations than others. For me? It’s July. For Coralie, it’s October. As Coralie mentioned on Sunday, Baby Bubs recently celebrated HIS birthday and TODAY, yes, TODAY is Coralie’s birthday (and her awesome mama’s birthday is fast approaching)! So, everybody shower Coralie with birthday love. Me? I went back into my archives and found a picture that was at least 15-years-old.

No matter how fast the world spins, I’m so thankful to have you in it. Your gusto for life constantly inspires me. If we could go back in time and tell these two girls where they would be in 2015… do you think they’d ever believe us? Happy birthday to one of the best friends, wife, daughter, and mother  I know. xoxo- Leigh


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Birthday Interview Book

Birthday Interview Book

I know, I am a dollar short and 2 days late- but, I really wanted to share this birthday interview book and I wasn’t ready on Friday. Baby Bub turned 3 a week ago and it is just a crazy thought. He is really growing up and turning into the cutest little boy- I am slightly bias- but, he is a mess in the best sense of the word.

Before Baby Bub was even born, I pinned this pin about making a birthday interview book. I remember finding this pin and just falling in love with the idea of asking the same questions every year for lots of years in a row. The pinner suggested waiting until the 3rd birthday to begin and even some of the questions that I put in there I thought would be a little over his head this year- but, he nailed them all!


birthday book

I waited until scrap books and accessories went on sale at Hobby Lobby and bought a 9″x9″ scrap book, same size colored paper and lots of stickers and went to town. I hand wrote all the questions but, you can certainly do your own thing and if typing them up and printing them out is more in your wheel house, do it.


Each double page layout is dedicated to one birthday and the same 20 questions every year. Here are the questions and his answers this year. I also left room on each layout for a picture.

  1. What’s your name? Henry
  2. Favorite toy? Thomas
  3. Favorite food? Ice Cream (while eating an ice cream cone)
  4. Favorite color? Green
  5. Favorite song? ABCs, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus (had to sing them all)
  6. What do you want to be when you grow up? Bigger like Moma and Daddy 
  7. Favorite thing to do? work 
  8. Favorite animal? a horse because I want to be a cowboy with a horse
  9. Who’s you best friend? Maddox
  10. What’s your teacher’s name? he named his friends at school (but, Ms. Deanna, Ms. Ann, Ms. Crystal)
  11. What do you want for dinner tonight? Grill Cheese 
  12. Favorite drink? tea
  13. Where you want to go? to my house
  14. What’s you favorite TV show? Mickey Mouse 
  15. Favorite holiday? a choo-choo train
  16. Favorite book? Hungry Caterpillar 
  17. Favorite fruit? apple 
  18. Favorite thing to do outside? light, dark 
  19. What’s funny? popcorn
  20. What’s your Halloween costume? A conductor because conductors ride trains 

I already love this book but, I know that years from now I will just absolutely cherish this book. I am glad I did not let that pin I pinned way back get out of my periphery. I love traditions.

What were your birthday traditions growing up? What are the traditions you do with your kids? As always, we want to know.

june 2015

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