Coralie’s Craft Corner: (Complete) Strike Out!

Craft Corner

Okay so, I have been seriously feeling the craftin’ vibe for the last month to six weeks. I find myself at Hobby Lobby and Lowes and Wal-Mart almost daily. That is just cray! We have all this demo and construction and new condo stuff going on- I have just been trolling Pinterest looking for artwork and ways to decorate. And I found some cute stuff-

artMy first find was this beauty over at Shine Your Light– I thought it was cool and neat and would look great on the walls at the condo. Here’s what you do, get a bucket, fill it with water- then drip some enamel paint on top of the water and swirl it around then dip your canvas or card stock or whatever in the swirl and then BAM! you have this cool ass piece of art.

Well, I didn’t have a bucket but I did have a Rubbermaid top… I really thought I was onto something… it really looked good and swirly…

step one


So, I got my canvas and kind of dipped it… and what I got was this



And as you can plainly see— this is no where close to how I envisioned the outcome…

Gold-8-StringBut, I did not let one bump in the road keep me down. I decided to just completely scrap the swirly idea and move onto this cool piece of artwork at Brit+Co… I mean, how could I go wrong? This is it- you paint your canvas a cool metallic color, let it dry, wrap it with string and spray paint it with another color or colors, let it dry and then BAM! again you have this kick ass piece of art- and what happened was less than that.


I want to tell you- my attempt looked no where as cool as the original pin…

So, I decided to forget about the canvas art for a little bit. But, Bub and I are going to add a screened in porch— and I am thinking a cool light fixture would be nice out there. Bub and I are both in the restaurant business- so, why not a light fixture made out of empty liquor bottles. I have the vision in my head and it’s gonna be cool.

I am thinking the first step in creating this light fixture is to remove the bottom of the bottles. There a lots and lots of tutorials on how to do it on Pinterest. The basic steps are to soak a sting in something flammable then wrap it around the bottom and light it on fire until you hear a crack and then dip it in cold water… I did all that and here’s what I got:

bottledYeah, nothing!

So, at this point- having stuck out on three different projects, I decided to step away from the craft corner for a couple days until I have time to regroup and get a new plan!

Do you have some whammies on your craft desk? You know we want to hear about it!

june 2015



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#WayBackWednesday: Avoid Huffing Acetone, If You Can

Way Back Wednesday graphic

Coralie and I have been rummaging around the back-end of the blog lately, and I noticed that my

finished container

post on removing painted labels from plastic containers had reached over 20,000 hits. In the blog world, I know that isn’t huge to some people, but to me it’s a little… whoa. Since it was my turn to do a #WayBackWednesday, I thought this would be the perfect time to revisit the original post (where the experiment was dubbed a failure) and then the follow-up post where we incorporated our awesome readers tips and tried again. These days, most plastics are becoming recyclable. For those that aren’t, if I want to keep the container, I’ll just put a label/sticker on it. Although the stark white plastic container looks attractive, this project involves extraneous exposure to acetone and ain’t nobody got time for that. If this is something in which you are interested, then check out both posts. Though, here is my summation of the whole enterprise from the follow-up post, if you must know.

“Not knowing the ACTUAL science of plastics/paints/and chemical reactions, I think the secret is this… it depends. I think, depending on your plastic, and depending on its paint, this trick works. How do you know which ones will work and which ones won’t? My only advice is save your plastic containers and try and tackle a wide variety of them at one time. If the paint comes off easily and almost immediately, then (obviously) it works. If you are spending more than a minute with little payoff, toss it in the recycling and move on. Though, for the record, Daisy Sour Cream containers TOTALLY work.”

Assembled tools to test which method of paint removal works best for plastic.

What do you think? Would doing this project be worth your time? Was the above summation answer suitably vague? As always, let us know.


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Monday Foto Funday!

Monday Foto Friday Graphic

The fun photos are clogging up the phone memory works, which means it’s that time again! Today’s batch of fun photos find themselves in three categories: general fun, car talk, and funny business (names).  It’s been a minute since the last fun photo day, (and I’ve finally landed on a new title since the schedule switch) so, lets get started!

Status Cymbal door knocker


While in Atlanta recently, I had the good fortune to spend time with my cousin, Molly. She has this on her front door. I am in love with everything about this object: the puns, the creativity, the fact that it works so brilliantly as a door knocker… Bravo.




When we were in the hospital, humor was crucial. But here is the funny thing about comedy (see what I did there?), it is very subjective and very mood-dependent. During a particularly crazy time, my dad went to the store for room essentials and came back with both a Star Magazine and The National Enquirer. It was during the Caitlyn Jenner debut period, so both were particularly grimy, but in flipping through the back, I found this gem:

Elvis Pumpkin

Go ahead. Let the above sink in. It’s okay, I’ll give you a minute. At $99.99, it’s like they are paying YOU for this (can you believe it?! ) First-Ever Elvis Jack-o-Lantern Rocks Halloween. The last eight words of that sentence don’t even make sense together. You can have a First-Ever Elvis Jack-o-Lantern and that Jack-o-Lantern can Rock Halloween. But: First-Ever Elvis Jack-o-Lantern Rocks Halloween? Eessh! The lustrous gold flowing stem? The 50 glitzy faux onyx crystals? The blatant disregard for all comma rules? Also, why is it on a pumpkin? Why is it being sold in June? Why have I not bought one sooner?

Cereal BowelThere is an amazing facility near Emory University Hospital called The Hope Lodge. It is a sterile place for out-of-town patients and a caregiver to live if they need to be at the hospital everyday–which you do during the first several weeks after being released from a bone marrow transplant. The place relies on donations and volunteers but is one of the finest facilities I’d every seen. In their huge kitchen/dining area, the shelves in the cabinets are labeled to help the residents keep it organized. I like that not only is it spelled “Cereal Bowel,” but the fact that there are no cereal bowls (or bowels) on that shelf.


A Coffee Dispenser in Beverly HillsA few weekends ago, Josh and I were running errands and decided to get lunch at a fair-to-middling restaurant in Beverly Hills. The whole place was a concept restaurant based around garlic with some wacky décor, but the best part about it (for me) was the relic from some long-ago business at 55 N. La Cienega. As you can probably deduce, it is “Fresh Baked Coffee” in German. Love the vintage craftsmanship!

Taped Up Up BandI finally had to retire my UP by Jawbone band! After over two years of almost constant wear, it was falling apart. The plastic was splitting, the functions were failing, and I had trimmed back the edges with cuticle cutters many times. Since I had written about it on the blog, I wanted to put it on the record that it was an amazing product. Josh got me a FitBit for our anniversary to replace the UP band. The technology has changed quite a bit in the last two years in the industry and I went with the FitBit for aesthetics and for the contrast. Maybe one day, I’ll do a side by side comparison.

You know how Netflix streaming will somehow bunch together titles by theme on the main browsing screen? Like, “Critically-Acclaimed Costume Drama,” or “Comedy Featuring Strong Women”? Recently (or, six months ago), the following came across my Netflix main screen:

Tobias Funke Movie Picks

If you aren’t a fan of Arrested Development, then move along. If you are, then you’ll find the above delightful. Delightful, I say!

Next, we’ll move onto the photos that are car-centric!

A license plate for Bubs!If Coralie grew up in a suburb of Atlanta and then moved to California, and then decided to become the kind of person who would shell out for novelty vanity plates, then this would be hers! She’s just a big fan of the Bub-es. I know that’s a lot of, “ifs” in that situation, but go with it.


Neil Diamond Bumper Sticker

I want to have earned the right to have bought this sticker. Love me some Neil. And his counterpart, The Black Diamond*. But, like police sirens in music, I’m not a fan of extraneous honking. If I passed this car, I would be so conflicted. I would want to honk so bad, but don’t want to distract a driver. Urrrgh!

A Family of Transformers


I’m generally not a fan of the stick-families on the back of cars (they always make me think of this video) but this one I can stand behind. I like how the mom’s lips are so, “Umm-hmm” and that the dad looks so unhappy.




Super SchmuttleI’m not sure if this counts as a funny bidness name or a car-related funny, but come on?! Super Shmuttle?! The only thing that could make this better is if they added a “C” and made it “Super Schmuttle”. If I had a dog, and needed them shuttled, and it came down to two equally-rated businesses: the one with a pun in its title wins every time. This photo (taken in February) also proves, yet again, that it does indeed rain Southern California. Man, do we need it right now, doe.

Now time for some funny business (names)!

Universal Technical Institute- UTIMaybe this ad is geared towards men? Maybe this school is geared towards men? Maybe guys also get an inordinate amount of urinary tract infections and I’m being a genderist, but,  SERIOUSLY? Did no one notice or care that the school’s acronym and advertising campaign revolved around a really uncomfortable condition? No? No one? At least only refer to yourselves as, “Universal Technical Institute” exclusively. The whole ad was, “U.T.I. this, and U.T.I. that.” Aye yi yi.

German Cold Cuts












Um Liquor













And then there is this crazy place. In the mountains of northeast Georgia, around Clayton, there is a building that used to be (if memory serves) and antique store in my youth. As an antique store, the building is quaint and folksy. As an adult store, it is horrifying. Mountain Mama Lingerie

Motorcycle LawyersThis picture is from a building in Studio City. Every time Josh and I pass this place, the following conversation ensues:

“Are they attorneys who ride motorcycles?”

“Do they specialize in motorcycle law?”

“Do they represent Big-Motorcycle?”

“What is their deal?!”

I just looked. He is an attorney who rides motorcycles, but also stands up for other riders in personal injury claims, and cycler-rights. Case solved, your honor. Though I still like the idea of a motorcycle Transformer who turns INTO an attorney…

*And, for the curious, here is a clip from The Black Diamond. You know. For funsies.

Are you a fan of Precious Darling (Elvis)? Have you ever suffered from a UTI? As always, let us know what you think in the comments!






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Fall 2015 at the Scott Compound: Initial Outline


Initial Outline

I have to share a little story with you. When Bub and I bought our house almost 5 years ago we were swept away as first time home buyers. The house we bought had good bones. It was in the only neighborhood we wanted to live in and the price was just about too good to be true. So, location- check; price- check; bones- check. It was a fore-closer and the previous owners had taken stuff I would never imagine taking including the kitchen sink, front porch lights and thermostats. What they left were dated layers of wallpaper and a great big ole house with a maze of a 1985 floor plan.

Before we even moved in, we put a new tin roof on and redid the kitchen. And we lived in the house for almost 2 years before Baby Bub came along. And when he was born, we realized that for that time in our lives having the master bedroom down stairs and the nursery upstairs was not going to work for us. We have shuffled around bedrooms several times and have finally all three landed upstairs. But, it has really brought to our attention that this house that I was once certain I would die in- might not be my forever house.

So, then Bub and I began a conversation about what major remodeling jobs would have to be done in order for us to fall in love with our house again. And at the end of the day, would it be easier to just sell and build. But selling and building opens up a whole new can of worms and did I mention that we looooove out location?

Early in the summer, we also started tossing around the idea, dream really, of buying a condo as an investment and renting it. The conversation started as, one day… and then a man came into Cobalt one night and we had a long chat about buying and renting condos and the wheels in my head just turned harder. So, on a whim I called our mortgage broker, who I call a miracle worker, but the rest of the world calls Helga. After we sat down with Helga and her team, we figured out that by refinancing our house we could pull out enough money for a down payment on a condo and have money to do some of the remodeling projects we wanted to do in the house.

So, this Fall we are buying a rental condo, remodeling our house and oh, I forgot to tell you that Bub is going to be the General Manager of a new restaurant that he is helping to open— we are going to be busy as bees this Fall!

Are you wondering what remodeling projects we are taking on inside our house? Well, we are relocating the pantry and knocking out some interior walls to open up the kitchen into the formal living room which will become a more livable space.

walls come down


Outside we are first and foremost cutting down a bazillion trees- really like 14. And adding a covered porch, a deck and a carport… unless the money tree dies and in which case, we will cross that bridge when we get there.


So, do you like a nice outline list like me? It helps to keep me on task.


PicMonkey Collage


Okay- well, there you have it Your Honor- we have a lot going on this Fall. What have you got going on and how are you going to stay organized getting it done? You know we want to know!

june 2015

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#WayBackWednesday: Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun


Looking back through our catalog of posts, themes start appearing. I am sure by now, Dear Reader, you know I love a plan and a list. I went ahead and mapped out my next few installments of #WayBackWednesday.  Since we are smack dab in the dog days of summer, I decided to kick off with a Way Back Wednesday grouping some summer posts of mine together.

So, the first 2 in this grouping go hand in hand- my Local’s Guides to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. With those posts I outlined my suggestions for where to eat and what to do when you are in my part of the world.

Local's Guide to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach , Alabama


What to do in Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach


front doorIn the early days of FTTDWYW, Bub and I went camping for his birthday- and we ended up staying longer than originally planned. When we got back, I wrote a post about camping on the beach. Here is the long and the short of it- you have to accept the sand- it’s gonna be everywhere…. but, baby powder can help get lots of it off you and if you’ll take pajama pants to sleep in- you’ll thank me. As far as sunburn remedies- first and foremost- WEAR SUNSCREEN. And then a hot shower, ibuprofen and good after sun lotion will together get you far.

And finally, in this fun in the sun #WayBackWednesday, we come to bushwhackers and the Hangout Fest. They kind of go hand-in-hand. Actually- no trip to the Gulf Coast is not complete without a bushwhacker. I mean, seriously- they are the bomb. And I have waxed and waned about the Hangout Fest— but, I will say this: Thursday night is my fav. And if you decided to come down here for Hangout Fest, it’s worth planning on being here for Thursday night. It’s fun.

So- I hope you enjoyed that quick jog down memory lane with these fun in the sun posts.

All the Best, Coralie


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Casper: The Friendly Mattress

If you wouldn’t mind, for me, take a moment (right now) to remember the last time you bought a mattress.

Think back to the poorly-lit showroom; where you flopped your way across a lumpy, rectangular sea trying to gauge and project your ability to spend the next decade living on this mattress, or perhaps, that one. Put yourself back in that low-ceilinged, musty moment of haggling for free deliveries, frame options, and a new futon cover, thrown-in, if you play along.

Wasn’t that a fun memory?

No?! Huh.

Mattress acquisition generally occurs during times of great life transitioning; additions, subtractions, moves, etc. Because nothing is more fun than having to futz with mattress delivery and salesmen during a major life change. There are just a handful of places and experiences that you imagine can never get better; that were more a matter of enduring than enjoying (mechanic, dentist, DMV, post office, etc.) mattress showrooms used to be one of those places. Not anymore.

I stumbled upon the Casper mattress company through the internet, of course. It was on some life-hacking list about getting better sleep, for which I am a consummate sucker. The Casper mattress was proffered as an alternative solution to the problems of the traditional spring-based mattresses. I started researching and familiarizing myself with Casper and the mattress game.  For yes, of course there too is a mattress game; replete with complex pricing tiers, middle-man mark-ups, marketing firms (think of all the animated, counting sheep you’ve seen frolicking under a luminescent, crescent moon), and outdated technology.

There is a marked difference these days between the traditional mattresses of yore and the new, science/latex/memory mattresses. Imagine the cross section of a traditional mattress set, no matter how pillow-topped: you’ve got padded upholstery over metal springs, and stuffing atop a wood frame whose empty interior spaces are filled with who knows. There is a reason why the game is changing. The outdated models no longer reflect the progress science has made.

In the past, I had always dreamed about getting a Tempurpedic mattress one day, as it was one of the supposed standard bearers of quality. I had watched on, in envy, as friends spent thousands upon thousands on their Tempurpedic setups walking away with the supposed promise of perfect sleep. Having spent a few nights on a Tempurpedic myself, I found the experience to be light years better than traditional spring mattresses but, I thought at the time, ultimately out of my price range. “Maybe one day when I win the lottery, Mr. Rockefeller,” I dreamed. The reviews were always glowing, but praise for Tempurpedic was always tempered by qualifiers; the most common ones being: “feeling like you are in quicksand when moving” and “no bounce/give for other, er, more extracurricular activities”.

Before reading about Casper it always seemed as if there was no middle ground between the super, high-end mattresses and the traditional setup.  Casper mattresses fill that gap, and then some. At an affordable price point (thanks to the removal of the middle-man), made in America, with mail delivery and revolutionary mattress tech development, Casper mattresses seemed to be changing the way we buy mattresses. It all sounded too good to be true; the reviews, the literature, the science, and their corporate story. I was, of course, extremely suspicious. After reading all about Casper I volleyed the information over to Josh for perusal and we concurred that Casper indeed sounded too perfect but would be considered the next time we bought a mattress. So, when Josh emailed me several months later (while I was in Georgia), letting me know that he had read about Casper opening a Los Angeles showroom, I knew that we had to go upon my return.

For after many years of service, our old mattress had become a bone of contention. For, Josh has no problems sleeping. Anywhere. He has that magical ability. I, on the other hand, have problems sleeping. Everywhere. My bed-enning rituals are so lengthy and nuanced it is amazing I sleep at all. Up until my move to Chicago, I had primarily slept on the mattress purchased for my first college apartment, my Darlington dorm mattresses, or my childhood mattress. When I decided I was moving to Chicago, it was calculated that a new mattress would be cheaper than U-Hauling my college one, so I packed only what I could fit in my station wagon and headed off. It was the heady days before Yelp! and smart phones and buying and moving furniture in a new city was stressful, at best. We found an American Mattress store (in what I would later know to be Lincoln Park) on our way from the hotel to my new place. After choosing the lower, mid-range option (all of which were named after wines– mine was Claret) I watched my dad masterfully deal with the salesman, a task I respected but did not relish. It is a fond memory of an exciting time in my life.  My mom, dad and I had scrambled to spartanly outfit an amazing apartment we had stumbled onto by accident in the week that they had allotted to help me move. When Josh and I consolidated households in 2007, we kept my 2-year-old, queen-size mattress over his full-size, Ikea mattress set purchased in 2000 and question mark? Clearly, the obvious choice.

Cut to 2013 and Josh and I moving to California and again debating about whether the 8-year-old mattress was worth paying to move across the country. Eight years had been hard on our mattress with a supplemental memory foam mattress pad being added in 2009 to mitigate my growing lower-back problems. But, moving is expensive on both ends and we finally settled on paying to move the old mattress, deciding to upgrade to a king-size upon our next subsequent move.

When I came back from Georgia last month, I was completely wiped. I was exhausted, emotionally and physically. I was so glad and thankful to be back in California, with my Josh, in my “California life.” I flew into Los Angeles on a Friday night and after schlepping bags and myself across the country (in addition to having been sleeping on a hospital fold-out mattress for over a month) was really looking forward to crashing in my own bed. When I laid down on our mattress though, it was such a terrible disappointment. It was like oatmeal (but not in the good way?) and it was physically uncomfortable to lay down upon it. The mattress was bowed in all the usual places and I knew that no amount of flipping would help it this time. Josh and I spent the first two nights of my return sleeping on the (firm, yet very comfy) futon in the guest bedroom/office.  It was decided that the situation had become untenable and since we would not be moving soon (which was our prior indicator) life was too short to sleep on a bad mattress. For there are sins a 25-year-old back can forgive that a 35-year-old one will not. We awoke that Sunday morning determined to at least start the process of buying a new mattress so that we could move back into the bedroom suite, tout suite!

We hopped into our four-door hatchback (Vice the Nissan Versa) determined to check out Casper first. We cruised up and then down Laurel Canyon (which is an adventure in its own right) and then found ourselves on the switchback roads of the Hollywood Hills. I still amazes me that some of the most dangerous, mountainous, rock-sliding-ous roads (nestled amongst hidden, blind-curved driveways) are in the middle of such a densely populated urban area. We perilously traversed the one-and-a-half laned road, navigating street parkers and oncoming traffic; all the while bemoaning the danger and questioning the sanity of people who would voluntary live in this nightmare jumble of backstreets.  My iPhone notified us that we had arrived at our destination and we found street parking. We approached a charming mid-century modern, ranch-style house that was quintessential Hollywood Hills. There was a large, golden “C” emblazoned upon the door. We knocked politely and the door was answered by a golden goddess whose diaphanous kimono floated behind her as we followed her in.

Casper Showroom Los Angeles Front Door

She drew us into a short hallway peppering us with pleasantries. Josh leaned in and whispered to me, “Be careful. This whole place is cheesecake.” And he was right; from the beautiful woman who made wearing cut-offs look like an art form, to the drinks she offered us (kombucha and mimosas) everything about this place was designed to be decadent and delicious. A far cry, indeed, from any other mattress buying experience I’d ever had. We followed her into the living room and a view of the entire Los Angeles basin opened up before us.

The living room area of the Casper mattress showroom.

I had to remind myself that I had lived before on the 14th-floor of a high-rise in Chicago for six years– the view before me was truly that spectacular. It was also a reminder that there are very few buildings in Los Angeles, outside of downtown, that are tall; I suspect, because of the earthquakes.  Our hostess encouraged us to step out on the porch (where I snapped the following panorama) while she made our mimosas and then proceeded to ready the showroom. It was at this point that Josh confided that he finally understood what all the fuss was about regarding the Hollywood Hills.

Casper Los Angeles Showroom View Panorama

Two other couples had entered the showroom, and we traded similar Casper-origin stories until our hostess took our preliminary details and then led us to one of the prepped bedrooms.

The Casper mattress showroom in Los Angeles.

She escorted us into a bedroom overlooking the city, that obviously needed no other decorating. Our host told us to make ourselves comfortable and get a feel for the mattress with a smile and a wink. I didn’t know if we were suppose to make out or fall asleep. In the end, we did neither simply stretching out and testing the mattress. We sprawled onto the linen sheets and basked in the luxury of king-sized life. Within seconds, we both knew this mattress was the real deal and we pulled the trigger immediately. The transaction took maybe eight minutes; no hassles, pressure, or tricksy sales-incentives.  We were told that shipping normally takes a week, but that they had gotten a shipment in the day before and there was a king-size in stock. From researching Casper, we knew that one of their selling points was that their mattresses ship compressed allowing for the easiest deliveries. It still took us aback when our 100-pound hostess emerged from another bedroom with a hand-cart carrying a large box she had maneuvered herself. We pulled Vice around to the front and Josh threw it into our car– a king-sized mattress in the back seat of our small, effecient car.

King size casper mattress in backseat of versa.

We folded down the back seats and slid the box in the rear. Not only did it fit easily, but there was enough room to go grocery shopping and go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for our new king-size lifestyle– including linen sheets which I didn’t know were a thing and now I’m obsessed.

When we got back to the apartment, Josh carried/slid the box up from the garage to our bedroom. In preparation for unboxing it, we moved our old queen-size set and frame into the living room to await being taken to the curb later that night. Unfortunately, a logistical glitch precludes my sharing the hilarious footage from the unboxing, but there are many a video on youtube if you are so inclined.  The mattress, once unrestrained, grew rapidly– fluffing out to match the model we tested earlier. Casper even included a hand-written thank you note along with other literature.

A thank you note from Casper.

After luxuriating in the decadence that was all of that king-size space, I hopped up, navigated around the extra mattress set that was now in our living room and went to schedule the bulk-item removal of our old mattress (and another few pieces that were clunking up the works). Unfortunately, there was a week-lag time between request and pick-up, so Josh and I got all the benefits of a new mattress with all the downsides of cohabitating with an extra mattress set and frame. But, the week passed and the following Sunday night, Josh and I wrestled my old mattress set, pad, frame, and Ted Cabeen’s college computer table (which we still had for some reason) down the hall and to the curb outside under the cover of darkness.

Our old mattress at the curb before pickup.

As we walked away, I turned to look at the mattress as it sat under the street lamp and moon glow looking particularly forlorn.  I noticed a yellow-tag attached to the bottom. It was the original tag from the summer of 2005 when I moved to Chicago. It made me miss my family, their love, Chicago, and our life/friends there. That mattress became a physical manifestation of a chapter of a bygone Leigh. One, from which I was moving on. I thanked the mattresses for their years of service and thoughtfully headed inside.

I had an unexpected early morning errand to run the next day and as I emerged from our parking garage, our mattresses were waiting, confronting me at the curb in the cold light of day. Although it had survived the night, it looked damp and particularly sad after having been abandoned by me, with the metal from the table having been pillaged by a nocturnal scavenger. As I pulled away, I cringed: willing the dump truck to come immediately. When I returned later that afternoon, it was gone along with a decades worth of dust mites, skin cells, and a physical representation of that chapter of my life. I was glad to be moving forward to bigger and better things.

So, do we like our Casper mattress? Perhaps we are still in the honeymoon period. Preliminary reports suggest a total mind-blow. You know that moment of pure bliss the first time that you lay down after a long day, as your body settles into the mattress? Every night, one of us comments to the other how pleased we are with the Casper. Whether it will stand the test of time, we’ll see. But, I didn’t realize how poorly I had been sleeping until I actually started getting good sleep.

As much as I miss older things in days gone by, like when the big and little spoons would snuggly synch up and cozy, queen-size maximum slumber would be achieved, it is nice to be a grownup. The mattress game is changing and it’s exciting to be a part of the revolution.

Although this post is one long treatise on how great this company/mattress is I encourage you to head over to their website to see their official pitch or their CEO on Mad Money. What do you think? Are you in the market for a new mattress? Are you confused by “the game”? What were we doing with Ted’s old table, anyways?! As always, let us know!




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